AWAKENING mit Karina Mendreczky in Budapest

AWAKENING mit Karina Mendreczky in Budapest

September 04, 2019

Awakening / Soft tools for self-expression and social disobedience
Visual feast and performance sessions

VERNISSAGE 5-8pm, 4 September, 2019

Melike Futtu (TR), Karina Mendreczky (HU), Laura Ociepa (PL), Emma Fuchs Sjövall (SE), Śomi Śniegocka (PL), Veronika Szabó (HU)
Curated by Patrycja Rup (PL)

In 1966 Czech new wave filmmaker Věra Chytilová directed Daisies / Sedmikrásky – the ode to female freedom, youth, joy and disobedience with no strings attached. Her charismatic unforgettable characters Maria I and Maria II seek new strategies to transform stiff reality. They successfully use their flair and creativity to present a model for strong and reliable female collaboration. Two smart and playful girls find their way to trick the oppressive system. Even though it has been more than half a century since the film was presented, it offers the viewer a symbolic toolkit for female insubordination. ‘Awakening’ grows from these strategies and applies its instructions through the filter of contemporary social and political sensitivity of international artists. ‘Soft tools’ stand here for all the smart, brave and creative strategies to express female disobedience and empowering collaboration, also by creating a safe space for free idea exchange and discussion.

From the Awakening opening, viewers will be invited to explore an art installation created by Hungarian artist Karina Mendreczky, arranged as a scenography for evenings filled with happenings and performances. Installation project embraces works from artist’s multiple series from last two years and smoothly channels the spirit of Daisies. Mendreczky creates ephemeral fictional landscapes using light and shadow, often and willingly refers to childhood memories to create dreamlike ambience. Her collection of daily-usage items translates gallery space into imaginary house, where well-known simplicity meets gentle nostalgy for the past, memories and untold desires. Installation will expand with video documentation after each performance and also will include additional artefacts related to performative sessions.

Performance sessions are the essential part of the project and will be dedicated to interactive meetings with the audience: triggering collaboration, experience exchange and inviting sometimes unconventional rituals of free expression with a strong reference to important female figures and archetypes, feminist art and anti-patriarchal practices. The role of the artist here is not only presenting/delivering a piece in the aseptic gallery space, but reaching for the opposite experience. Performers will aim to connect with the audience and interact by providing a sense of participation and comfort. We want to reclaim the symbolic gallery space where nothing is to be touched and visitors are expected to be quiet, no one laughs, sings and discuss. Our ultimate goal is to go beyond the traditional artist-viewer relationship. As we intend to figuratively and literally cross the gallery’s threshold, we want to make contact with local network of female creatives and activists, but also to rediscover overlooked and neglected neighbouring public spaces.

Among Awakening programs

Vernissage, September 4, 18:00 Opening speech and artist talk
Śomi Śniegocka (PL) - dream 234972
reborn third time in one of Mars' moon crater
Ritual performance. Movement, voice, sound, video.
Every awakening is dyining, every awakening is a new birth.
I dreamt that I woke up.

Laura Ociepa (PL) - Licorice / Scent installation, ritual, candies for guests
I have a bitter distaste for the taste of licorice. It’s one of those plants that people either love or hate. However sweet root is a plant of love and passion ruled by Venus herself. Theoretically it gives control, practically it raises blood pressure.
Chew a piece of candy and try to swallow. The candy goes down, acting antibacterial, making your words lovely convincing.

Letter exchange “Woman to Woman”
At the opening, the audience will be invited for collaboration letter exchange “Woman to Woman”. It’s an open action/invitation to visitors to pick up envelopes prepared by artists and discover their unique content. These private messages may take shape of traditional letter, picture, drawing or a small object - basically these stand for messages we find important to share with other women. Envelopes will be available in the gallery from the opening event and visitors can also bring their letters created for this occasion and leave them in the gallery.

September 5, 17:00
Laura Ociepa (PL), Patrycja Rup (PL) - DIY zine workshop - registration needed
Zine workshop is an interactive part of the “Awakening” project, where visitors are not only able to observe pieces presented in the gallery, but to become active contributors and co-creators delivering their ideas in the form of hand-made zines in a surrealist manner.

Śomi Śniegocka (PL) - Surreal City Drift - registration needed
September 5, 16:00
September 7, 16:00

Śomi inspired by avant-garde strategy of city drift (Guy Debord’s “dérive”) invites wanderers for blindfolded walks already for a few years in different locations and soundscapes. Her guided blindwalks provide an enchanting surrealistic daydreaming experience. These performative drifts based on 1:1 experience between guest-wanderer and guide-performer, include poetry, storytelling, improvisation and deep listening.

September 6, 21:00 night drift with a group - registration needed
Artist will provide also one unique night drift with a group of wanderers.

September 8, 16:00
Melike Futtu (TR) - Political Theatre Workshop: “Theatre of the Oppressed Praxis for the Empowerment of Female and Queer Body in Public Space” at Rakoczi Square - open event

The workshop will focus on how we can breakdown the binary oppositions which labels the sexual identity and gender identity by practising the theatre of the oppressed method. In order to illustrate how theatre of the oppressed can be praxis for emancipation, we will reflect on our experiences on the theatre of the oppressed as spect-actor under the contexts of forum theatre, physical theatre and image theatre techniques.

September 14, 16:00 - Finissage
Emma Fuchs Sjovall (SE) - Urban Acupuncture / happening at Rákóczi Tér - open event

Swedish artist Emma Fuchs Sjovall in her latest work will use strategies of "urban acupuncture" movement. She aims to create a safe space for the local community, where it representatives will be able to meet and consume their district as a cultural expression through art, history and architecture. Artist refers to a turbulent infamous past of the Józsefváros district and its exploited inhabitants - sexual workers. Emma invites local community for a therapeutic group experience - drift through past to heal the body of the city.