The Wise Fool - Podcast über Kunst und den Kunstmarkt

The Wise Fool - Podcast über Kunst und den Kunstmarkt

Dezember 26, 2019

Anfang Dezember hat uns Matthew Dols, der den Podcast "The Wise Fool" betreibt, in der Galerie besucht und mit uns über Kunst, den Kunstmarkt und das Galeriebusiness gesprochen. 

I am an Associate Professor of Photography at the University of Maryland University College and living in Prague, CZ. I received my MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and Design. My artwork has been exhibited internationally and is in the collections of the Al Serkal Foundation, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Crown Point Press, and the deYoung Museum in the Auchenbach Collection.

From my first job as an ice cream server at Baskin Robbins at the age of 14, which I needed a judge to allow me to work at such a young age to working as a roadie for rock n’ roll bands, professor, portfolio reviewer for, art critic, fashion photographer, fine artist, director of an arts NGO, and managed art galleries, I feel that I have had a wide range of skills and experiences. The art galleries and portfolio reviews have given me insight into the nuances of what galleries are seeking to exhibit and why; including the economics of how the art world functions. Being an art critic offered me the opportunity to gain a different view into the public understanding of how people interact with, experience, and choose to purchase art. Being a roadie let me enjoy my life and party with rock stars. Working as a non-profit director utilized my resourcefulness as a facilitator for individual artists and art businesses to work together for the benefit of the community in which they live and work.

This podcast is not here to tell you how to succeed as an artist, we are here to try to find out a variety of information from a variety of sources and put all of the information in one place and allow you to interpret it for yourself. I come at this from the perspective of a professor who has been making visual art throughout my life and I have consistently run into the ‘art market’ and have been completely mystified by how it works. But the fact is that no matter how much I know, someone else knows more. I want to hear how the artworld is run by the people that run it. And as a teacher I want to connect people to the knowledge they desire. This journey of discovery will take me all around the world, I want to learn about the similarities and differences in how the art market works in different regions and in different cultures.