Anthia Loizou




Anthia’s work is as rough as it is poetic; her shapes are as contemporary as they are archaic.

There is a great complexity to it and still it allows immediate access. The shapes themselves are quite different from each other and give way to many references. Some shapes are completely abstract and associated to a cubist, constructivist heritage. Others again seem to evoke classic forms, similar to Greek meander shapes or volutes. Hence the first layer of complexity lies in the shapes of the single cardboard elements. But the elements are randomly combined with one another and extend into space. Therefore one element is differently perceivable from various standpoints. This adds a great deal to the visual experience of the work. At this point we distinguished several shapes and recognized diverse perspectives of the single elements, but the combination of these elements in a jungle-like installation puts them also in reaction to one another. This makes for an uncountable number of compositions one can frame while walking through the installation (and its magnificent shadow play). However new this experience of painting is, for whatever reason it does not feel alien at all. The single elements are all retrievable in art previously experienced sure. However, I dare to point at a greater dimension of familiarity which might be linked to the way the work is made. Namely intuitively. More like an internal search for a language.

Victoria Dejaco - curator / founder of Hallway gallery

Ausschnitt aus dem Text für die Ausstellung “Mnemonic”


Ausstellungsansicht Stand by, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, 2020


2013 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, abstract painting, AT

2008 Athens School of Fine Arts, visual arts, GR

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