Eva Yurkova



In my wooden and ceramic reliefs, I explore the tense relationship between one’s understanding of nature and one’s understanding of home. It is no coincidence that floral motifs are prevalent in the mythologies of national folklore. In my own upbringing, folklore was central to the creation of a collective identity. Aestheticized nature created a sense of belonging to something holistic.

Plants make the symbolic narration performed by the depersonalized bodies cohere. Bodies with no moles, no tattoos, no faces, no identity. Unmarked, they are returned to the world of soft and familiar plants.

The plants from the memory of your grandmother’s porcelain. Edelweis. Tulips. Bracken. Moss. Soft and safe.



Ausstellungsansicht, Soloausstellung "Domesticated Paradise, Palm Trees and Pools, Spektakel Wien


Sukulenten, Holzrelief mit Ölfarbe, 77 x 100 cm, 2020
Dandelions, Holzrelief mit Ölfarbe, 77 x 100 cm, 2020