Kazaki Maruyama

 Kazaki Maruyama


Drawing and painting are the most important tools for me to communicate. I often find it hard to dig out the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings, the more I try, the more they sound inappropriate and inaccurate. It is more natural and pleasant for me to speak with lines and colours than with words, they are all as sincere as a mirror.

More than half of my artwork are portraits. Whether of real people or imaginary, what I try to describe in them are always feelings, and often in black and white. Colours behind light and shadow, one’s mixed emotion which others can never see. They are not easy to grasp yet fascinating. I have been trying to capture those delicate, unclear elements of our lives. Not to analyze, but to embrace.

Born in 1988 in Japan. After graduating Saitama Prefectural high school of Art, where Kazaki learned graphic design, she studied film making at Nihon University Collage of Art. Then she spent 1 year in England to study illustration and English. Since 2014 she has been active as an illustrator.

Photo: Götz Schrage

Der Gedichtband "Technische Tiere" von Alfred Goubran wurde mit Zeichnungen von Kazaki Maruyama, kuratiert von Boris Manner, illustriert.

Diese Zeichnungen waren im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Technische Tiere" in der Galerie von 9. Mai bis 14. Juni 2019 zu sehen.
Einführende Worte: Boris Manner







  • Illustration for "Technische Tiere" (Author: Alfred Goubran, Consultant editor: Boris Manner)