Lilya Corneli



Lilya Corneli has been expressing herself  through her photography for years. Born in 1978 in Yerevan, Armenia, her path in photography began in capturing the world around her with her father’s Zenit film camera. In the meanwhile, her passion for art and stylistic evolution led her to developing a distinguishable style of her own. She combines true art photography with a unique post-processing technique. In describing her pictures, she explains: “My work always evolves from intuition. I understand my images as the result of an emotion which emerged at the time of their creation, and not as much as expression of  precise visual ideas. My images seem raw, in other words: simply emotional. The best way for me to express these emotions is visual expression.”

Her work started to take a more personal form when she discovered the digital medium and began portraying herself.Today she uses digital cameras and technology, but her old analog cameras like Holga and Zenit are not forgotten and find their application as well. Most importantly, her personal vision has, more than any medium she has chosen to work in, become what makes her work so compelling. Gorgeously poetic, Lilya Corneli’s photos will undoubtedly stir an emotion in you. It’s almost as if each of the woman in her photos is holding a deep, dark secret. Burdened with carrying these secrets, she struggles.

Photographer Lilya Corneli’s unique perspective has been “shaped by everything that has challenged her, or carried her, hurt her or given her joy... all that has lent itself to the creation of the works of quiet, haunting beauty that are so completely hers.”






1978 born in Yerevan, Armenia 

Master degree in International Economics 

2001-2015 lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

2016 moves to Vienna, Austria




  • fashion event launching H&M Conscious Exclusive 2018 collection


  • Tobeamuse Exhibition at Bexi Art&Design, Lisbon, Portugal 
  • Shiele&Die Boheme, Salon Albertina, Tobeamuse show at Albertina Museum, Vienna 
  • Raphael Reintepreted, Tobeamuse show at Albertina Museum, Vienna 


  • Tobeamuse - an art project Founded in Vienna by Lilya Corneli, recreating worlds famous art pieces in modern way
  • Clutchartproject - limited edition leather handbag clutches with art prints by Lilya Corneli


  • Lensmodern Retrospective, Am Tunnel gallery, Luxemburg


  • Lilya Corneli's Reflections, Solo Exhibition, Petit Cafe Gallery, Hamburg 


  • 2011, March, Brigitte
  • 2010 Twill magazine, Italy
  • 2009 Phot Art International, French photography magazine
  • 2008, Lumas Art Gallery
  • 2007, Russian photography book Zoom
  • 2007, March issue of French magazine Elegy with cover and interview
  • 2007, "About flowers and red fishes" series in Spring issue of Expression Magazine
  • 2006, IL FOTOGRAFO, Italy - Portfolio/Cover
  • 2006, Expression, China Portfolio/Cover
  • 2006 Fine Art Foto, Germany (#3 issuer - Portfolio/Cover


  • Russia Beyond,
  • C/O Vienna
  • Grazia Russia
  • Cosmopolitan Russia
  • Here&There Magazine
  • Mediamax, Metropole
  • EFE agency Spain

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