Polina Sokolova

  • About the artist

    Polina Sokolova (*1999) born in Tver, Russia, since 2018 lives and works in Vienna, Austria.
    In her works, she deals with political implications as well as questions of identity and intimacy in the context of the conservative society she comes from.

    She explores the intrusion of societal control mechanisms into personal life, where shame and fear from a female perspective play a special role. Her artworks are characterised by personal experiences and reflect on effects of gender expectations and the lack of possibilities of self-liberation and self-determination.

    portrait of the artist- Daria Marschenko



  • Bio

    2021- now - Class of Expanded Pictorial Space (Prof. Daniel Richter), Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

    2018-2024 - BCC Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Vienna

    2024 - Body Language, group show @IRL Gallery, Los Angeles
    2024 - Love Manifest, group show @CouCou Gallery, Kassel
    2023 - PARALLEL VIENNA 2023
    2023 - what ends when we say farewell? group show @Contemporary Matters, Vienna
    2023 - having a good time, group show @Exhibit Studio, Vienna

what ends when we say farewell? group show @Contemporary Matters- Sophie Pölzl

Untitled, 140 x 130 cm, Oil on canvas, 2024

Love Manifest, group show @CouCou Gallery, 2024 - Fotocredit: coucou gallery