Beata Hechtova

Beata Hechtova



In my works I’m referring to the insecurities within the urban life. The overwhelming expectation, the constant need and lack of something undefinable. The urge to belong leads to the fading instinct, perhaps a dim memory of the closeness to nature. Rainforest as a root of wild versus the jungle of the city became my main focus. The two different realities contrast, compare, communicate and eventually overlap. I depict mostly people, hints of stories out of the context, hidden identities, absurd situations, improbable combinations, contradictions. The bright fields of colours point out the chaos, restlessness and diversity of interpretations.

 Beatá Hechtová Melting Plot

Exhibition view "Melting Plot"

"Melting Plot" from Beáta Hechtova at Galerie Rudolf Leeb Project Space Zieglergasse in October 2020 - find out more >>