Zhanina Marinova

Zhanina Marinova

Porträtfoto: Anna Niederleitner


Born in 1994 in Varna, Bulgaria, Zhanina Marinova studied Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna Austria where she currently lives and works as a Visual artist and Printmaker.

By rendering imagination as a sort of materialized fiction, which for her is strongly connected with the idea of the relation between presence and absence, Marinova invents her own reality and explores the deep constellations of perception, thoughts, feelings and memories. Working primarily in the field of screen printing, drawing, installation and book arts, Marinova uses such diverse materials as fabrics, paper, transparent foils and wood as canvases for her screen prints. With such an array of surfaces, the only constant is the large scale.


There is not a formula.

It is a vivid blend of chaos and order.

Line after line, the chaos is taking shape and the order is beginning to look abstract.

I repeat the process again and again... but it is never the same.


I do not know why the format of the drawings I make are always horizontal. It is for me the most natural feeling and I just let it flow. It is my own horizon where I can reach the unknown and the new.

For me, human existence is like a work of art. Our bodies are temporal and material, traveling on a horizontal path beginning with birth and ending with death. On the other hand our spiritual potential connecting earth to the infinite beyond is better represented by the vertical axis.

Drawing horizontally and creating finished prints in the vertical orientation achieves a sort of balance for me. A balance between drawing and print; beginning and end.

Portfolio Zhanina Marinova 2020



Dont judge a book by its cover, leporello book (unikat), screenprint on transparent film, plexiglass
covers: 25 x 12 cm, leporello: 22 x 183 cm, 2019


Afternoon (same space, same time), pencil on paper 150 x 160 cm , 2020

Ausstellungsansicht FEMALE - lebt und arbeitet in Wien 2019

Dem von dominierender Vertikalität geprägten Siebdruck Sundogs (2019) von Zhanina Marinova gehen Zeichnungen voraus, welche die Künstlerin in der Horizontalen anlegt. Der Wechsel des Mediums bedingt auch den Wechsel der Ausrichtung und befragt so die Positionierung der Künstlerin, wie auch der Betrachtenden gegenüber der jeweiligen Arbeit. 

Fotos: Marlene Fröhlich | LuxundLumen.com 

Laufzeit: 27. Juni - 31. Juli 2019

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  • 1994 Born in Varna , Bulgaria Lives and works in Vienna, Austria
  • January 2019 Diploma with distinction, University of applied Arts, Vienna
  • 2013-2019 Graphics and Printmaking studies, class Prof. Jan Svenungsson, University of applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
  • 2018 Member of Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria
  • 2011 Lifelong learning program 'Leonardo da Vinci' - EProjectConsult - Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily, Italy
  • 2008-2013 Fine Arts; Graphic & Printmaking - National School of Arts ''Dobri Hristov'' Varna , Bulgaria



  • ROOTS – Group exhibition – Produzentengalerie Wien

  • Swimming Mission - Diploma exhibition - Künstlerhaus 1050 Vienna


  • MUMOK Art Book Day - Art book fair at mumok - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
  • Essence 18 - Vienna AT
  • Charity Auction Salvatorianer x Dorotheum 2018 - Vienna AT
  • A moment of relation' - Couple exhibition - Luca Rubegni and Zhanina Marinova - Curated by Giulia Zandò - Civico 3 - Gallarate, Italy
  • LATARKA Gallery Budapest - "Boundaries" - Group Exhibition
  • ‘Fastentuch’ (5m x 11m) with Thema ‘Human Trafficing’– Zhanina Marinova – St. Michael Church Vienna ,AT
  • Ball of the Sciences 2018 – (Group Project together with Antonio Neto and Eva Jurkova for curtain – 5m x 30m) – Vienna City Hall, AT
  • 'mumok Bibliothek: Zhanina Marinova' - Präsentation von Künstler_innen-büchern - Museum of Modern art Ludwig foundation (MUMOK) Vienna


    • "Melange Remix" - Gallery Hochdruck - Vienna, AT
    • TRACTATUS LOCUS - Group Exhibition - Wittgenstein Haus - Curator : Kristina Schrei - Vienna, AT
    • 19th International Print Biennial Varna 2017 - Bulgaria
    • The Essence '17 '' Vienna ,Austria
    • ''Raum macht Musik'' ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) - Radio Kulturhaus - Visual Artist, Vienna, AT
    • ''Wie n verwoben'' - Group wall painting connected with the exhibition ''Wien von Oben'' - Vienna Museum
    • SOLO Exhibition - '' to mess with you(r) ordinary mind'' KUSHTA Creative Hub - Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Graphics Open 2 - Budapest , Hungary
    • 'Kunst & Käse' - Gallery ''Die Schöne''Vienna,Austria

    • Artists as Independent Publishers - Group Exhibition - Vienna,Austria
    • Solo Exhibition ''Repeat<>Unique<>Attitude''Gallery ''Die Schöne'' Vienna , Austriacurated by Florian Appelt
    • ''The Essence '16'' Vienna, AT

    • ''Moment'' - Group exhibition - EDUCULT - Museums Quartier - Vienna, Austria


    • 18th International Print Biennial Varna 2015 , Bulgaria


    • 2018 'Charity Auction Catalogue - DOROTHEUM x St. Michael
    • 2017 TRACTATUS LOCUS - Catalogue

    • 2017 Melange Book - Edition with originals lino-prints

    • 2017 19th Internaional Print Biennial Varna Catalogue

    • 2017 EDUCULT im Gespräch & Wimmer's Weekly (Interview)
    • 2016 EDUCULT December Newsletter

    • 2016 pseudoscienza Art Magazine - Surprise Edition
    • 2015 18th International Print Biennial Varna Catalogue
    • 2015 ‘’Tools for Thoughts & Traces’’ Magazine of University of Applied Arts Vienna – Graphic and Printmaking


    • 2018 - "Heiliger Christophorus" - Wall painting proposal - 2nd place - Hotel Das Triest , Vienna
    • 2012 - National youth Applied and Fine Art competition Sofia, Bulgaria - 3th grade in Fine Arts – Scholarship
    • 2012 - Participant of 31th small Monmartre of Bitola,Macedonia
2011 - Participant of the Jubilee 30th small monmartre of Bitola , Macedonia