Zhanina Marinova

Zhanina Marinova

Porträtfoto: Anna Niederleitner



Born in 1994 in Varna, Bulgaria, Zhanina Marinova studied Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna Austria where she currently lives and works as a Visual artist and Printmaker.

By rendering imagination as a sort of materialized fiction, which for her is strongly connected with the idea of the relation between presence and absence, Marinova invents her own reality and explores the deep constellations of perception, thoughts, feelings and memories. Working primarily in the field of screen printing, drawing, installation and book arts, Marinova uses such diverse materials as fabrics, paper, transparent foils and wood as canvases for her screen prints. With such an array of surfaces, the only constant is the large scale.


There is not a formula. The beginning is always a blend between freedom and chaos plus rules and order. Line after line, the chaos is taking a shape and the order is beginning to look abstract. I repeat the process again and again, but it is never the same. Each art work makes me feel like I am exploring my own mind. Each time it feels like I am diving in my own imagination and I don’t know how long I will spend underwater. It happens to me often to have these memories-like of certain things, places or images that I never experienced before, but paradoxically define enough to be able to start a piece... It seems like I am wrapping the space around me with my thoughts, trying explore unknown corners of my imagination.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, leporello book (unikat), screenprint on transparent film, plexiglass
covers: 25 x 12 cm, leporello: 22 x 183 cm, 2019

Afternoon (same space, same time), pencil on paper 150 x 160 cm , 2020

Ausstellungsansicht FEMALE - lebt und arbeitet in Wien 2019

Dem von dominierender Vertikalität geprägten Siebdruck Sundogs (2019) von Zhanina Marinova gehen Zeichnungen voraus, welche die Künstlerin in der Horizontalen anlegt. Der Wechsel des Mediums bedingt auch den Wechsel der Ausrichtung und befragt so die Positionierung der Künstlerin, wie auch der Betrachtenden gegenüber der jeweiligen Arbeit. 

Fotos: Marlene Fröhlich | LuxundLumen.com