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The span of my artistic practice, reaching from photography and video to installation and further on through performance to writing, may appear to be very broad. However, using various media seems indispensable to me. When moving from one cultural space to another, which has been "my way" since I can remember, I spontaneously reached for the media at hand to be able to communicate and be understood. My motivation behind the use of the media now is to create space: physical space, mental space, visible space inside space, imaginary space, metaphorical space, all defined by atmosphere. To me, atmosphere of spaces, the atmosphere, which a certain space is able to bring about, is the most essential. Each media creates a unique atmosphere that differs from others, despite their common aim – to communicate. Photography, equalizing past and future into present, as of now defines me best. I am interested in creating spaces and so I strive to make photographs, be these in the form of images or installations, that are by themselves powerful enough to change the space around them in such a way that they suck viewers in. From the existing spaces I am challenged to develop new space(s). I take the space and develop it further, by extending it, changing it, adapting it to an already existing space, out of which or inside of which potential exists for even many more spaces. I am interested in the phenomena of exponenting – on how may exponents I can reduce a certain existing physical space and/or transform it into many more. By “playing” with various perspectives that are enabled to me by using various media, from photography, performance, literature, installation to video and film, I try to acquire the characteristics of a bird, aiming for the clouds!

Eva Petric born in Slovenia, lives and works in between New York City, Vienna, and Ljubljana, creating in photography, video, performance, installation and writing. In New York, she is presented by Galerie Morulot New York. She holds BA in psychology and visual art from Webster University Vienna, and MFA in new media, form Transart Institute New York /Berlin. Her art was shown at over 50 solo and  70 group exhibitions all over the world, receiving numerous recognitions and awards.

She was selected three times for Beijing International Art Biennale (2012, 2015 and 2017), and  was two times nominated for Venice Art Biennale (2013 and 2015). Awards (selection): 2017 Best Performance Art Award, United Solo Festival, New York City, 2017 Grand Prix 6th International Fine Arts Festival Kranj, Slovenia, 2017 Grant of the the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia; 2016 SNBA Silver medal for photography, Paris, France; 2011 Pfann Ohman Preis,Vienna, Austria;  2010 Vordemberge-Gildewart award; 2010 grant of Ministry of Culture of Slovenia; "Art critics' choice" 2008 by Association of Slovenian Art Critics; 2006 Čižek award for best short digital video in Slovenia.

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TREE OF LIFE by Eva Petric

In my work I often deal with emotions – with love. For this matter I was especially interested in being confronted with the heart – with the real, physical one - pulsating with life, not simply in the metaphor of words.

I received this confrontation 100% when witnessing the real anatomical heart and its owner's bones side by side, in opposition, in a dialogue. Dr. Robert Favaloro enabled me to observe open heart surgery on the heart of one of his patient's at the Favaloro Foundation Clinique in Buenos Aires, when I visited Argentina with my exhibition Angel, dissected some years ago. He so to say, "transplanted" - immersed me into the center of the heart, the home of emotions.

I was interested to see the seat of emotions, as we like to think of the heart. After seeing the bare human heart at the open heart surgery, I am now no longer sure whether the heart is the seat of emotions. Rather, I now realize that it is the emotions which fuel the heart.

My image “fiesta”, stemming from the “happy” emotions section in my periodic table of shadowed emotions, reminds me of the human heart, pulsating upwards, like a battery that wants to keep going and going and going…. It represents to me to the human heart and all the various shadowed emotions entangled in numerous twists and turns, in the intricate pathways of the vibrating heart.





  • Rubik's Cube of Shadows, at Long Night of Museums, at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum permanent display, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Eva Petrič: WEBbing, book presentation in a panel with Richard Vine of ArtAmerica, at the Austrian Cultur Forum New York, USA
  • Barnabiten Sculptures Park 2019, Vienna
  • Design Tage, Traklhaus Galerie, Salzburg, presentation of Eva Petric's Chromosomes in love jewellery line, Salzburg
  • The Value of Sanctuary: Building a House without Walls, at the Cathedral os St. John the Divine, New York City
  • Vrhnja koža/Second Skin, solo exhibition, Gallery Pavilion NOB, Tržič, Slovenia
  • GO, STAY, STOP, group exhibition, MODEM Centre for Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary
  • Schwerpunkt Design II, Traklhaus Salzburg, till May 11, 2019, with presentation at Design Tage, Salzburg
  • Stem Cell Potential Totem, part of the Barnabitengasse Skulpturengarten, Vienna
  • Our Last Race, solo exhibition at the Arcade Contemporaray Art Projects Space, St.Louis, USA
  • Black and White, International Fine Arts Festival Kranj, Slovenia


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