Eva Petric

  • Artist Statement

    Eva Petrič is a transmedia artist who was first known for her creative use of photography, with which she explored the language of shadows and our existence on an ephemeral level. Her motivation to create spaces on different levels determined by atmosphere leads her to use a transmedia approach in her artistic practice.
    She has created more than 30 large-scale site-specific installations based on assemblages of found and recycled lace interwoven with video, sound, smell, performance and choreographic movements.
    They were exhibited in various, mostly public spaces around the world, from UNO in New
    York City to Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires, from St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna to underground Postojna Caves in Slovenia, from Cairo to Tokyo and even International Space Station in Earths Low Orbit, Her installation Thoughts without skin, floating, consisting of assemblages of recycled lace, defined the Slovenian Pavilion as Guest of Honor at the 2023
    Frankfurt Book Fair.

    2024 Participation @ Parallel Skulpturenpark in Gmunden >>>
    2024 KH Hubert Sielecki Price for Holes in Light >>>

    Holes in Light by Eva Petric | 2024 | 05:49 min.
    By combining data on human activities on Earth with satellite images and commenting on them with shadow images, Eva Petric shows the shadow of humanity on Earth. The video is a poetic apology from man to nature.

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  • Bio

    She divides her time between New York, Vienna and Ljubljana and works with photography, video, sound, performance, scents and installations, which she interweaves on different levels. She graduated in psychology and visual arts from Webster University in Vienna in 2005 and in 2010 she received her master's degree in new media from the Transart Institute Berlin/Danube University Krems.
    Her works were shown at more than 100 solo and over 140 group exhibitions all around the world and were selected for Art Photo Basel 2022 and 2023, Photo London 2021, Cairo Biennale 2019, BIAB Biennale 2012, 2015 and 2017 in China, 2013 Hong Kong Art Walk, 2011 IPC New York, and for the Display of the century at ACF New York in 2015, among others. For the photobook of the artist Gr@y Matter – Language of Shadows, she received the prestigious 2010 grant from the Swiss Vordemberge Gildewart Foundation. Since 2019, 45 shadow images from this book are part of the interactive light object Rubik's Cube of Recycled Shadows and E@motions on the Metelkova Museum Platform in Ljubljana. From February 2022 to January 2023, her Earthling Tattoo Seal was on the International Space Station as part of the MoonGallery art collection.

    For the performance Eden Transplanted, she received the Best Performance Art Award in 2017 and the Best of Ten Years recognition in 2019 at the United Solo Festival in New York.
    In 2022 and 2023, she presented her art several times in Japan (in Tokyo, at the Biwake Biennale in Omihachiman, in Takamatsu and at the Utazu Art Award Biennale, where she received the Excellence Award), besides having her Human Cocoon as Fastentuch 2023 at the Stephansdom in Vienna.

Earthling, plexi figure in a plexi stand, 2022, 160 cm x 60 cm

Bis Ende August 2024 in der Public Domain im Porgy & Bess zu sehen.

@FutureGARDEN, 2023, handgravierte farbige Plexiglasplatten, Installation im Parallel Skulpturenpark / Toskanapark Gmunden, Sommer 2024

Visitor Astrocyte Garden 2017, 257 cm x 570 cm, assemblage of recycled lace, video projection